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How Superchargers Work -


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This section is all about how your new electric supercharger works. What it does, how it does it and, most importantly, what it means for you, are all right here.

  • The electric supercharger is a motor-driven fan that pumps more air into your engine to help produce more power.
  • The supercharger produces 3 psi of power to give your car a boost of power at full throttle.
  • Pushing the throttle to the floor will activate the supercharger and cause the metal fan to spin up to its full 29,000 rpm in 1/10th of a second.
  • Unlike most belt driven superchargers, this electric supercharger does not take power away from your car; it simply adds more instantly.
  • The supercharger can be activated by a button that you can mount in your car, so that whenever you feel the need to have more power, you can just push the button.
  • With the supercharger activated, your engine will produce more power and torque and help pin you to the seat when you punch the throttle.