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Supercharger Wiring

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  • Installs in less than 30 Minutes
  • No special tools/skills required
  • Easy to follow steps included in our Installation Guide
  • Installation diagrams and video support
  • Plug and Play.


  1. Assemble the ram Electric Supercharger to the designated location with the rubber adapter tube and secure the SUPERCHARGER in place with clamps. If the intake tube is over 2.5", you need to separate the reducer on the rubber adapter by cutting part of the rubber. For the intake assemble, you need to make sure the intake is inside the intake. Do not get too close to the fan blades as it will damage the SUPERCHARGER.
  2. Disconnect the power lead to the car's battery as this will make car's computer (ECU) to reset. The computer will re-map for proper fuel created by the SUPERCHARGER after the SUPERCHARGER is installed.
  3. Find a safe place to install the power relay. There are two wires from the Power Relay, one positive and one negative and these go to the SUPERCHARGER device through the polarized connector. Please refer to the SUPERCHARGER Wiring Diagram. Do not attach the power leads to the car battery until step 6 is complete.
  4. The micro-switch should be installed and assembled near the accelerator linkage in the engine compartment. Make sure the micro-switch is activated only at wide-open throttle.
  5. Take the one-way connector and connect it to the matching polarized connector on the SUPERCHARGER unit.
  6. Attach the positive (+) and negative (-) power leads to your battery with the SUPERCHARGER power leads.
  7. Test the SUPERCHARGER unit by giving a quick "click" on the micro0switch that is installed on the throttle-linkage. Make sure the fan has energized and that it is rotating free of any obstructions.
  8. When your car engine is off, push down your accelerator pedal to make sure that the SUPERCHARGER activates only when your accelerator pedal has been pushed all the way down to the floor.
  9. YOU ARE DONE!! Now take it out for a spin, try to activate the SUPERCHARGER with heavy accelerations as well as normal driving.