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Need an instant power boost for your car? Waste no more time and get a Volkswagen supercharger. This variable torque enhancement system is available to you for a fraction of the price and with a very simple installment procedure. Volkswagen Super chargers will increase the performance of your car by adding more horse power as well as more fuel efficiency. This certain Volkswagen turbo charger pumps more force into the engine, creating more power for your vehicle, no matter the model or year-we have it! is a reliable Internet source that knows cars, and offers a way to add some power through a Volkswagen turbo kit, all at the flip of a switch. This bolt on supercharger kit is an extremely affordable alternative to typical superchargers in order to add on some horse power for your VW. Now, get the maximum power from your car and go out and get a Volkswagen supercharger kit and haul some!