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Want to amplify your Smart Car’s power but don’t want to spend several thousands of dollars? We can help you! We have a “smart” alternative for your Smart Car supercharger. This won’t bankrupt you either. is now offering a Smart Car turbo charger to boost performance and help you save on gas! The Smart car turbo kit is also very attainable to install, it can be done within 15 minutes or so, and the instructions are direct and precise. Superchargers increase the performance of your ride by acting as an "air pump" that forces air into an engine's induction system under pressure creating more horsepower and a sweet noise! This modification of a bolt on supercharger helps you at the gas tank too, making the miles per gallon higher. A Smart Car super charger kit is also available for any year and any model through our website. Quit pondering this purchase and get yourself a Smart Car supercharger to beef up some power and get a great option to other super chargers on the market.