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In terms of power and strength of your Land Rover, what do you think? Endurance, reliability and effectiveness come to mind here at, so we introduce to you the Land Rover Supercharger. In order to take advantage of all there is in your engine; think about what a Land Rover super charger kit would do for your car. You will instantly see results through a BIG difference in price, more power and torque, better gas mileage and a good substitute to other superchargers out there. Another thing, the Land Rover turbo kit is easy to install, it only takes minutes! This bolt on supercharger is able to hook up to any year or model of Land Rover and adds about 15-25 horsepower to your vehicle. Another benefit of this Land Rover turbo charger is the option of turning it on or off is in your hands! So go out and get one of the most reliable Land Rover super chargers on the market for a fraction of the price!